College Cancels Anti-Racist Play Because Its KKK Villains Might ‘Upset’ People 

(Jonathan Drake/Reuters)Does it really make sense to smear people as “racist” for their intent to perform a work that acknowledges and criticizes racism?

Washington College in Maryland has decided to cancel an upcoming performance of Larry Shue’s The Foreigner — because the play’s villains are members of the Ku Klux Klan, and that might “upset” people.

As Reason’s Robby Soave notes, The Foreigner is a decidedly “anti-racist, anti-KKK, and pro-immigrant” production — that is, it promotes the exact kinds of values that the social-justice crowd claims to champion. Still, according to an article in The College Fix, the very fact that it would feature actors dressed up in KKK robes was still enough to prompt the school to cancel the entire production, and to do so “approximately one hour before the play’s final dress rehearsal,” according to the college’s student newspaper, The Elm.

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The Fix reports that the administration became concerned that the play “could potentially upset some members of the campus community” after the school’s interim theater chair, Laura Eckelmen, notified them about it two days before the final dress rehearsal. The choice to ultimately cancel the production was also supported by the college dean.

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