College Campus For Sale in Billings: 5 Things We’d Do With It

Yellowstone Christian College announced in January 2021 that their board of directors made the decision to sell the campus, with plans to relocate to a new facility. According to the press release, one of the big factors in the decision to upgrade to a new campus was the 40-year-old facility’s lack of general attractiveness. They said,

Current research ranks curb appeal as third among the criteria considered by prospective college students when they consider which school to attend. The quality and marketability of the degree pursued rank first and second, respectively.

It appears that the school’s plan to build a beautiful new campus is starting to play out, as numerous FOR SALE signs recently popped up along the perimeter of the idyllic grounds, located on prime real estate on Shiloh Road between Scheel’s and ZooMontana.

The entire campus can be yours for $5.6 million.

The property, represented by Billings real estate broker Rob Veltkamp, is listed for $5,650,000 and is billed as “redevelopment property.” This will certainly be the case for whoever buys the 13-acre lot. The land is worth far more than any of the structures on the acreage and whoever purchases the campus will certainly level everything and start fresh.

Let’s pretend for a moment that funding is

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