Colin Reed: Pennsylvania could be a key battleground in 2020 presidential race

The political spotlight was on Iowa Tuesday, with dueling visits from President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, currently the leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination to run against Trump in 2020. But something more interesting may be going on in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania, a reliably Democratic state that was flipped and carried by Republican Trump in the last presidential election, could be up for grabs next year.

Axios reported surprising results Monday from a focus group of voters in Erie, Pa., made up of eight people who cast ballots for President Barack Obama in 2012 and for Trump in 2016. It turns out the focus group attendees are sticking by the current president.


First, an important caveat. One eight-person focus group in June 2019 is not a harbinger of things to come in November 2020. Nonetheless, there are some useful takeaways that can be applied to future projections.

For one, Pennsylvania can go for either the Democratic candidate or Trump next year.

Yes, Pennsylvania remains a blue state – the last Republican to win at the presidential level before Trump was President George H.W. Bush more

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