CNN's Bill Weir brings his travel show to Montana

Jake Iverson

Editor’s Note: On Thursday, April 21, CNN+ announced that they will shut down on Saturday, April 30. The Montana episode of “The Wonder List with Bill Weir” is on the service now. 

Bill Weir can still remember the first time he came to Montana. The anchor, who now works for CNN and whose past credits include “Nightline” and “Good Morning America,” was introduced to the state from the back of a station wagon when he was a boy.

“It’s dear to my heart,” he said of Montana. And he’s showing it by featuring the state on an episode of his CNN documentary series “The Wonder List with Bill Weir.”

The Montana episode, along with three others, premiers on CNN’s streaming service CNN+ on Thursday, April 21.

Weir’s show, which is now on its fourth season, has taken him to a lot of exotic locales, from Venice to Bhutan to Madagascar. Montana might not seem to fit with that list.

The episode is titled “Montana: Saving the Last Best Place,” and that gives a pretty good idea of what about the state is appealing to Weir. He’s particularly compelled by places at a crossroads, and Montana happens to be facing a

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