CNN Was Used to Spread Lies And They're Just Fine with That


Posted: May 22, 2020 12:35 PM

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When an anonymous source gives bad information to a journalist, that source should no longer be protected by the cloak of anonymity. And the angriest people involved in the entire scenario should be the reporter who passed on the bad information and the company that broadcast or published it.

So, why is CNN so complacent about one of the biggest fake stories in the entire Russian Collusion affair?

For extensive background on the meat of the story, you should read Matt Vespa’s great column yesterday.

In summary: While the Mueller Special Counsel team was forming its case against Paul Manafort, CNN ran with an anonymous-sourced story that the FBI had a FISA warrant on Manafort that pre-dated the formation of Mueller’s investigation. It appears as though the press reports of the FISA warrant may have compelled the judge overseeing the Manafort grand jury to make a ruling that compelled Manafort’s lawyer to testify (an apparent breach of attorney/client privilege).

It turns out that the Manafort FISA story was

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