CNN – Governor Steve Bullock Calls for Trump's Impeachment

Appearing on CNN Thursday with anchor Kate Bolduan, Montana Governor Steve Bullock, who has in the past been cautious about the impeachment of President Trump, said the time has come to begin the process of removing the President from office.

“I wasn’t an impeachment guy,” began Bullock, who was asked by Bolduan if he had seen enough. “I think that all of America has seen enough. From my perspective I think we have to go forward, beyond an inquiry. The house has to take action and then it has to go to the Senate. At the end of the day, I don’t know how the politics of this will all sort out, but this is bigger than politics.”

Bolduan then pointed out that Bullock has a unique perspective coming from a state that voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016, yet elected a Democrat governor for two terms.

“We need to completely daylight it,” he said. “Whether the Senate will take the action to remove him, I don’t know. I would much rather remove him at the ballot box. That would be my preference. I also think there’s about 30 percent of the country that thinks this is all just a

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