Claremont’s New Class of Fellows Would Make Its Founders Weep

(Image via Twitter, Claremont Institute)The think tank’s latest crop of fellows, there for a week to study texts, illustrates how far it has fallen.

The Claremont Institute was part of the flowering of intellectual conservatism that graced America in the 1970s and ’80s. Founded by students of Lincoln scholar Harry Jaffa, the California think tank was devoted to teaching “the principles of the American Founding to the future thinkers and statesmen of America.” Through their various programs, they aimed to “educate the best and most promising young writers, lawyers, activists, academics, entrepreneurs, and public servants.” Among the outstanding past fellows were former George W. Bush administration official Tevi Troy, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, and social-conservative writer Ryan Anderson.

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After the announcement of the 2019 Claremont Lincoln fellowships, it is safe to say that the flowering has gone to seed.

Among those Claremont is honoring in its new incarnation as a Trump-justifying toady is Jack Posobiec, the Internet phenom most famous for promoting the “Pizzagate” conspiracy. That was the rumor that Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and others were running a child sex ring out of a northwest D.C. pizzeria. Posobiec may have been influenced by Alex

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