City proposes stormwater rate increase

The city of Missoula is proposing a stormwater utility rate increase to keep up with federal water quality standards and maintenance, which for residential properties would equate to $4.21 a month, as opposed to the current monthly rate of about 75 cents.

Commercial properties could see a wide array of increases depending on the specific type of property. One example given at a committee meeting Wednesday was that of an average sized car dealership, which would pay $43 each month, or $516 a year, rather than $23 per year, under the proposed rate increase.

The Public Works committee heard Wednesday from the consultants the city hired to help them set rates, as well as city staff heading up the recently formed stormwater utility. The proposed increase was set for a public hearing before the Missoula City Council on Monday, Dec. 16.

The stormwater utility, created in 2016 to maintain federal Clean Water Act standards and Missoula’s water quality, manages the runoff from rain that collects into rivers and groundwater, with much of it being funneled into the aquifer, and the associated infrastructure.

The funds will also help to maintain the city’s levy system, which protects

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