City finance official: Missoula collects less tax per person than Kalispell, Bozeman and Helena

Missoula residents pay lower taxes, per capita, to the city than people in  Bozeman, Helena and Kalispell, and slightly more than taxpayers in Billings and Great Falls, according to the city’s Finance Department.

Jessica Miller, the city’s citizen services manager, gave a presentation recently on the city’s taxes to a Citizens’ Academy, part of a series to educate people on city issues. It was organized by Missoula City Council members Heather Harp and Gwen Jones. The event was recorded by Missoula Community Access Television and reviewed by the Missoulian.

“Despite all the headlines you’ve seen in the paper and various other news media that Missoula has the highest property taxes, what a lot of those folks are commenting on is the number of mills that we assess,” Miller told the crowd. “That can be kind of misleading.”

The number of mills Missoula assesses is higher than every city in Montana except Bozeman, but Missoula’s special district assessments are smaller than every larger city in the state. So, in total, Missoula collects $479 per person in tax revenue compared to $661 in Bozeman, $605 in Kalispell and $512 in Helena. Billings collects $451 per

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