City approves e-bike rules, Grant Creek open space buy

Electric bikes will be allowed on commuter trails in Missoula, but not on the trails in the soon-to-be-acquired Grant Creek open space. A marathon of City Council public hearings Monday night ended in approving regulations on e-bikes and the use of Open Space bond money to buy more than 100 acres in the North Hills.

Riding regulations

The new rules on electrically assisted bicycles allow privately owned e-bikes capable of assisted speeds up to 20 miles per hour to be operated on primary commuter trails in city limits. Bike-sharing companies, like Lime and Bird, are still prohibited from using public right-of-way.

Primary commuter trails include the river trail, the Milwaukee Trail, the Northside Greenway, and the Bitterroot Branch trail among a handful of others, and the bridges connecting them. They may not be operated on other types of trails within city parks meant for non-motorized pedestrian traffic.

The only council member who voted against the ordinance was John DiBari, who said he supported the goals of providing better transportation options for citizens, but didn’t want to see motorized bikes on trails.

“What it’s going to take is a recommitment

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