Chronic wasting disease detected in deer killed near Gallatin Gateway, a first for the area

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Chronic wasting disease was recently detected in a whitetail buck killed by a hunter in Hunting District 304, according to wildlife health staff with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

This marks the first detection in the Gallatin Gateway area, along the hunting district’s eastern border with HD 309.

CWD is a contagious neurological disease that infects deer, elk and moose. It is always fatal, and there is no known cure. It was first detected among wild cervids in Montana in 2017. The disease is known to exist in other parts of southwest Montana, including the Paradise and Ruby Valleys, as well as in other areas of the state.

FWP has conducted rotating surveillance for CWD throughout the state for several years. HD 304 is within this year’s priority surveillance area.

Hunting is the primary tool for sampling and managing CWD in Montana. Several hunting license opportunities remain valid through Jan. 15 for harvesting antlerless white-tailed deer in adjacent HD 309. Hunters who harvest deer or elk in the Gallatin area are encouraged to submit samples for testing to help further FWP’s understanding of CWD prevalence and distribution.

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