Christmas presents: Tall blue Na’vi and a lonely Olivia

Brent Northup

Avatar: The Way of Water

At the Cinemark

Empire of Light

At Myrna Loy

The way of water has no beginning and no end, we are told.

Fair warning.

But, surprisingly, James Cameron’s 190-minute dive into the oceans of Pandora, stays compelling all the way to the floating funeral.

And that goodbye, which sends a beloved Na’vi deep into the sea to rejoin nature, inspired me to join the Helena crowd in applauding this lush environmental poem.

That ending, coupled with Cameron’s underwater ode to the ocean, helped wash away the tropes and cliches. The script spins an unimaginative tale of evil colonial intruders attacking the blue paradise of Pandora to plunder its wonder.

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Britain Dalton, as Lo’ak, in a scene from “Avatar: The Way of Water.” 

20th Century Studios via AP

In “Way of Water” that showdown is nearly an hour long, and

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