Christine Miller-Fitzpatrick, St. Peter’s Health

Jesse Chaney

For Christine Miller-Fitzpatrick, making a scary situation better for patients is the most rewarding part of her job as an EMT with St. Peter’s Health Ambulance Service.

In the 15 or 20 minutes it takes to get from the scene of an incident to the hospital, she said, a patient can go from writhing in pain to feeling comfortable and relieved.

“It’s a great line of work to get into,” she said. “You get to see a lot and you never know what the day will bring you, but it’s a great line of work to be in and very fulfilling.”

Miller-Fitzpatrick grew up in Clancy and decided to pursue emergency medicine at age 20. She said her family was involved in a couple of emergency situations, which sparked her interest in the field of emergency care.

In a typical day she could end up responding to calls in Helena, in Wolf Creek or on the side of a mountain, as the ambulance service serves all of Lewis and Clark County.

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