Christian Hackenberg Was Doing A Keg Stand When Bill O’Brien Told Him Was Leaving For The NFL

Christian Hackenberg was enjoying some beer when Bill O’Brien told him he was leaving for the NFL.

O’Brien was Hackenberg’s coach at Penn State, and he eventually left Happy Valley to coach the Houston Texans. What was the former NFL quarterback doing when he got the call? (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

During an interview with Saturday Tradition, Hackenberg revealed he was literally in the middle of a keg stand when O’Brien called him. You can watch him break down the funny situation below.

This is hilarious @chackenberg1 @cjogara

— Saturday Tradition (@Tradition) June 18, 2022

Life sure is a funny thing, folks! You never know where you might be when news that you’re not expecting to hear breaks! In this case, Hackenberg was sucking down beer while doing a keg stand and he got hit with the news his coach was leaving for the NFL.

As he noted, the rest of the night was a shade awkward. No kidding!

At that point, you might as well just keep cracking beers open for the rest of the night. What else are you going to do? Hackenberg obviously

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