Chris Haughee column: Anticipation, anxiety and God’s promises

Carly Simon’s 1971 single, “Anticipation,” opened with the following lines:

We can never know about the days to come

But we think about them anyway

And I wonder if I’m really with you now

Or just chasin’ after some finer day

Anticipation, anticipation

Is makin’ me late

Is keepin’ me waitin’

This is a season of anticipation and waiting. Many are anticipating warmer days and outdoor activities that come with spring. I am anxiously awaiting the start to another baseball season. What might you be waiting for with expectation?

For Christians around the world there is great expectation for the celebration of Easter after a period of preparation called Lent. Lent is a term itself that contains a sense of anticipation, derived from an old English word that meant “lengthening,” as in the lengthening days of late winter and early spring.

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