Chinese Communists Lied And Hong Kong Died


Posted: Jan 12, 2022 12:01 AM

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In late December, the Voice of America reported that Hong Kong’s Dec. 19, 2021, election had “almost completely eliminated pro-democracy voices from the former British colony’s Legislative Council” — colloquially called the Legco.

VOA’s evidence: pro-Beijing candidates and their local allies took 89 of the council’s 90 seats.

I prefer the word “took,” for in this faux election “won” is a propaganda deceit.

In March 2021, the process of choosing Legco members changed. Chinese Communist Party selection replaced election. Seventy seats were “reserved for candidates picked by influential members of industry groups and by a committee of Beijing loyalists.” That’s VOA’s careful description.

Translation: the CCP installed cronies and operatives in the Legco. They are puppets and propagandists for the CCP dictatorship, not democratically elected representatives of Hong Kong’s now dispossessed citizens. Beijing also required all candidates, even the 20 in so-called elected slots, to pledge loyalty to China and the CCP.

What killed Hong Kong’s democracy? The blunt truth is the CCP dictatorship callously broke

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