China’s Economy and America’s Opportunity

Many have tried not buying items made in China, but it is a near impossibility. Everything from prescription drugs to you name it seems to originate in a country whose regime is proving to be America’s greatest adversary and growing enemy.

Which is why now may be the ideal time for the U.S. to respond to the threat of Chinese expansionism where it hurts the most: China’s economy.

As The New York Times reports, “Investment in China has stagnated this spring after a flurry of activity in late winter. Exports are shrinking. Fewer and fewer new housing projects are being started. Prices are falling. More than one in five young people is unemployed.”

According to the Department of Commerce, “In 2021, U.S. imports of $50.3 billion of Textile Products from China constituted 32.6% of the total U.S. imports of Textile products. Additionally, in 2021, China remained the major source of U.S. imports of Furniture, Bedding, Lamps, Toys, Games, Sports Equipment, Paint, and other Miscellaneous Manufactured Items.”

America’s trade deficit with China, reports the DOC, is a whopping $355.3 billion, a $45 billion increase (14 percent) from 2020 when it was $310.3 billion.

Robby Smith Saunders is vice president for National Security at the Coalition

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