China's COVID lockdowns expose the folly of communism

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Brutal and oppressive lockdowns continue in Shanghai, the latest in a weeks-long effort by the Chinese Communist Party to contain a devastating outbreak of the Omicron variant. Reports from earlier in April estimated that as many as 400 million Chinese citizens were under some form of lockdown. In Shanghai, 25 million citizens today find themselves under a severe lockdown, unable to leave their fenced in, designated districts and, in many cases, unable even to leave their own homes.  

China’s authoritarian actions, taken against their own citizens, should alarm the world. Residents in Shanghai who tested positive for the coronavirus – roughly 300,000 by mid-April – were forcefully crammed into temporary, makeshift field hospitals, little more than mass quarantine centers often lacking basic necessities.


People wearing face masks walk across an intersection during the evening rush hour in Beijing, Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Shanghai allowed 4 million more people out of their homes Wednesday as anti-virus controls that shut down China’s biggest city eased, while the International Monetary Fund cut its forecast of Chinese economic growth and warned the global flow of industrial goods

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