China is No. 1 domestic national security threat and Biden administration won't admit it

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Every week, we learn more about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) ongoing campaign of economic espionage and covert influence in the United States. In addition to cyberattacks and intellectual property theft, the campaign now includes attempts to discredit opponents of the Chinese agenda and interfere in U.S. politics. Yet despite Beijing’s increasingly brazen activities, the Biden administration decided earlier this year to end the Justice Department’s “China Initiative.” 

Since the administration pulled the plug on the initiative, 12 Chinese agents have been indicted or charged for conducting or directing operations inside the United States. According to court filings, these agents have: attempted to undermine the campaign of a U.S. congressional candidate; used information illegally obtained from federal law enforcement databases to harass and discredit Taiwanese independence groups, pro-Tibet, and Uyghur human rights activists; spied on pro-democracy activists living in the U.S.; and attempted to coerce Chinese citizens to return to China, so they can face “corruption” charges. Several of these cases involve former or current U.S. law enforcement officers who abused their positions in exchange for cash from Chinese intelligence services. All of these arrests were based on investigations that started well in

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