Childhood cancer takes toll on families as well, and here's how you can help

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One of the great privileges of working for nonprofits like Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF) and Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation, both of which provide financial and emotional support to families tackling childhood cancer, is the people you meet. These parents, siblings, and extended family often find themselves in roles they never dreamed of, but their love for the patient is truly a master class in all of the virtues we prize: courage, selflessness and sacrifice. 

According to a recent NPR story, approximately “two-thirds of adults with health care debt who’ve had cancer themselves or in their family have cut spending on food, clothing, or other household basics.” This is why Jay Fund and Tyler Robinson Foundation are uniting in an effort to bring awareness to the issues affecting families battling pediatric cancer here and now. 

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the economy has created the perfect storm for families facing the unthinkable. Everything has spiked from the price of gas and filling up our tanks to the cost of food to fill our refrigerators to the rising cost of housing. It all has parents of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening disease struggling to meet some of life’s most basic

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