Cheapest City To Buy a Home in Montana Is Down The Road

Makes you think about maybe moving to a place that’s way more affordable to live in, doesn’t it?

24/7 Wall Street came out with an article on the Cheapest City to Buy a Home in Every State and this is a hot-button issue in the Gallatin Valley. Plus, I had to know what was the cheapest place to buy a house and how close is the city to Bozeman. and luckily, it’s just down the road.

The cheapest city to buy a home in Montana is Butte. Butte is one of the most historic cities in Montana with its rich mining history but according to 24/7 Wall Street, the average median home value is just north of $150,000, which is $80,000 cheaper than the Montanan average. The average household income is just over $45,000, which is almost $10,000 cheaper than the state average as well.

Natalie Nicks via Unsplash

If you are wondering how does Butte compared to Bozeman, there is no comparison. According to the Bozeman Real Estate Group, the average median single-family home price is…..brace yourselves, $730,000. That is absolutely outrageous. Even the average price for townhomes and condos is well over $420,000.

That breaks my heart for so many

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