Charles Wei column: State of the world

If you spend any time at all paying attention to the news, it’ll make your head spin.

Even if you try to actively avoid it, enough of it will seep through your defenses, be it from friends and family, social media, or even just overhearing people’s conversations as you run errands around town, that you might start to wonder if the world has gone mad.

There is the ever-present threat of climate change, and the temperatures lately, here in Helena, have been doing a really good job of reminding us about that. There’s been devastating flooding in Kentucky and its neighboring states. Fires are raging once again in California, Idaho, and New Mexico, as the years-long drought continues throughout much of the American West and in many other parts of the world.

The politics in the United States right now, coupled with yet another pandemic on the horizon, seem like something out of an apocalyptic horror movie. And, I was reminded yet again about the awful suicide rates in this country, especially in the states of Wyoming, Alaska, and Montana.

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