CHANG: Will Nancy Pelosi Start World War III With China?

On Tuesday, China’s foreign ministry threatened to take “resolute and forceful measures to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity” should House Speaker Nancy Pelosi travel to Taiwan.

The warning came immediately after the Financial Times reported that the speaker had scheduled a trip there sometime next month. Pelosi’s office has declined to comment on the matter. (RELATED: CHANG: It’s Time To Liberate TikTok Users From China)

The speaker had planned to go to Taipei in April but postponed after testing positive for COVID-19. Beijing issued harsh words at the time and regularly condemns visits by American and other officials to the island republic, which it claims as its territory.

So is the Chinese war warning this time also bluster?

This moment has a different, and more ominous, feel to it. There are alarming economic, banking and political developments in China as well as a new disrespect in Beijing for President Joe Biden and the U.S. In short, Washington must be prepared for bad outcomes, whether or not Pelosi visits.

Most worryingly, Xi Jinping, the aggressive Chinese ruler, needs a dust-up with the United States right now.

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