Chad Bauer again takes Chamber of Commerce board reins

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Chad Bauer

Jordan Hansen

Chad Bauer, a municipal manager at Republic Services, has again taken the reins as the Missoula Chamber of Commerce’s chairman.

Bauer became involved with the board of directors a few years ago and is happy to have the opportunity to contribute to the organization’s goal of uplifting local businesses, he said.

“For me, it’s all helping the business community in Missoula succeed and be able to move forward and have a good opportunity to succeed,” Bauer said.

In his role at Republic Services, he does a lot of work with federal, state and local government resources, he said. This has helped him build many relationships as businesses work to push through the COVID pandemic.

Montana has the ninth-lowest unemployment among U.S. states, with its rate at 3.5%. Many businesses in Missoula are still understaffed, a problem many in the community are working to solve.

“We’ve partnered with the University of Montana (and) Missoula College trying to figure out a game plan moving forward for training and getting people to actually get out

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