Celebrating Israel’s Independence With Biblical Significance

The United States was founded by deeply religious Christians, and its tradition is rooted in what’s known as Judeo-Christian values.  Other countries also are founded on, and embrace, Biblical values as well.  It should go without saying that Israel, as the Jewish state, was re-established on Biblical Jewish tradition which is played out in almost every aspect of Israeli society.

When soldiers are inducted into the IDF they are given a Bible.

Shabbat, the Sabbath, is not just the cornerstone of the weekend, it’s a weekly affirmation of God’s creation and the need, indeed the gift and obligation, to rest.

National holidays are Jewish holidays. Biblical themes run throughout society, the food, the culture, and even the musac in malls and other public places is Jewish.

There are many other examples.  

It’s often noted that Israel is the only country in the world which observes Memorial Day immediately preceding Independence Day.  Memorial Day is a solemn day of national mourning.  This year we commemorated more than 24,000 soldiers and security personnel who lost their lives in defense of the State, and more than 4000 civilians killed in acts of terror.  It’s true that almost everyone in Israel knows someone personally, or someone

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