CBS News study: Most don't want voting to be harder, see power at stake

As a host of states try to change their voting rules, most Americans say they’d prefer the voting process to be left alone — or made easier. Relatively few want it to be harder after an election that saw record turnout.

With the fight over voting attracting national attention, partisans say it’s a high-stakes battle that affects their electoral fortunes. Republicans think Democrats will do better in elections if voting becomes easier. At the same time, Democrats think they’ll suffer if it becomes harder to vote, and they believe many of their constituent groups, including Hispanic and Black Americans, would lose political power.

Voting rules: Who wins and who loses?

Many — more than 4 in 10 — foresee an impact on election outcomes if rules are changed. Among those who expect an impact, by 10 to 1, more think if voting rules are made easier for people to vote that would do more to help Democrats win elections than Republicans. And by a similar margin, they feel if voting rules make it harder to vote, that would benefit Republican candidates more than Democratic candidates.

If voting is made harder, Democrats see risk to their election fortunes, and if

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