Cavey Rossbach found guilty in murder of Bill Conko-Camel

A man was found guilty of murdering William “Bill” Conko-Camel in 2018 in Sanders County District Court two weeks ago.

Cavey Little Rossbach was convicted of deliberate homicide on April 19, according to a press release from the Montana Department of Justice. He was initially charged in October 2020. 

On Oct. 5, 2018, Sanders County Dispatch received a call reporting shots fired in the Dixon area, and that there was a person lying dead on Frank McClure Street, according to court documents.

Conko-Camel had been shot five times, the press release said. 

The victim’s girlfriend told law enforcement she and her boyfriend were at a house visiting a friend that evening when Rossbach burst through the door and attacked Conko-Camel. Rossbach, the girlfriend told law enforcement, was yelling something about Conko-Camel being responsible for the death of Rossbach’s wife.

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As Rossbach and Conko-Camel fought, two others — Rossbach’s son, Preston Rossbach, and Ty Butler — entered the house and joined Cavey Rossbach in the assault, according to charging documents.

The fight broke up and the three men left the house, the girlfriend told police. Conko-Camel followed them, and one of the three men

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