Cathy Barker: Lore from an unexpected source

We just got a new refrigerator. That meant cleaning out not only the foodstuffs from the old one, but removing all the little magnets with their photos, cartoons, and clippings.

This took much longer than anticipated, partly because of the “pet poetry” magnet set of some 150-200 words, each of which had to be peeled off individually. There was some profound poetry, like “please rub my belly/forevermore or until/the squirrel jumps again” but most of it was carefully arranged by size…thanks to an OCD visitor.

My dad, the first Rev. Barker, kept a card file of quotes, anecdotes, and cartoons that he used in sermons. I started out trying to make one of my own – his were so 50s! – but I seem to have turned to the fridge in lieu of all that paperwork. I know these pearls of wisdom informed my life and ministry, and some probably made it into sermons or newsletter articles.

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It was fun to revisit the beloved cartoons, like the “Non Sequitur” one where God and an angel are gazing across the clouds at the Earth, and God says, “Truth be told,

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