Cathy Barker: God in the interruptions

The to-do list is long. Answer emails, record financials, bake biscuits… Make a sign that says “Slow Drain. Fast Shower!” Try to find the phone and see how it’s working today. Research mosquito control. Fill out forms. Prep for the next event. Order additional archery equipment.

My husband and I are managing a summer camp! We’re at Mimanagish, 40 miles south of Big Timber, on the beautiful Boulder River on the edge of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Right now we are hosting 30 kids and counselors for a week-long adventure camp; last week was intergenerational, before that music, before that arts… it’s a delightfully varied schedule with marvelous people.

I love visiting with the campers and asking them open questions. Everyone has such an interesting story! Plus there’s something about being in nature that opens the heart and soul to new insights. The song of the river, the whisper of the forest, the melodies of the birds… add a campfire and I could sit and listen all night.

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As an extrovert, there’s nothing I like better than being around people, soaking up the enthusiasm and energy of groups and individuals.

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