CAROL SWAIN: The Biden Admin Just Made Involuntary Servitude Of Migrant Children Easier And Nobody Is Stopping It

Apparently, President Joe Biden’s reelection plan to “finish the job” includes the normalization of the mass importation of child sex and labor slaves across the border. It’s not surprising that his administration can do so—nobody’s standing in its way.

Rapid DNA testing at the border has been a critical vetting tool preventing strangers and human traffickers from kidnapping children. Yet, the Biden administration did away with it. The administration didn’t bother to publicize this monumental decision. The policy change was only discovered thanks to a leaked memo obtained by an independent outlet.

The leak is just more evidence that the Biden administration operates on a clear policy of neglect and indifference, unconcerned by the likely handoff of children to predators. But we’re also to blame. We’ve been headed to this point for some time now.

The system under the Biden administration has already resulted in the disappearance of children. In August 2021, the DOJ investigated a Alabama poultry plant that was reportedly employing unaccompanied alien children (UACs).  When investigators searched for the children, they were not there. It’s possible they were moved, but the government does not know. Those children could be chained up in someone’s basement, or dead.

Jon Feere, Director

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