Carol Roth: Gamestop, AMC was just the beginning, it looks like our entire economy is rigged

We are, as one member of what is known as the “ape army” explained to me, in the midst of a digital version of Occupy Wall Street. This time, these retail investors, whether they be those “apes” rallying around AMC’s stock, other meme stock traders, members of subreddit forums like r/wallstreetbets and r/Superstonk and other individuals aren’t holding signs in the streets. They are instead trying to use their balance sheets to fight back.

Their concern? That Wall Street is tilted against them and in favor of the big market insiders. And they are right.

In fact, it is much deeper than that. Our entire economy is now, in large part, rigged, as it has been moved further away from free market capitalism to a cronyist nightmare where central planners and big companies work together to consolidate power. They scratch each other’s backs and ultimately tie up loose ends that get in their way of rolling up money and control. Small businesses and small individuals, which make up the backbone of the economy and stand for economic freedom have been both passively and intentionally targeted.

Don’t take my word for it, just look at the evidence. Last year, government decided which businesses were

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