'Car corral' catches unwary Glacier motorists

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A Glacier National Park ranger stands guard at the “car corral,” which provides motorists with advice and consultation before entering the park. Many will be required to turn back — visitors must reserve their tickets this year.

BEN ALLAN SMITH Missoulian Rob Chaney

WEST GLACIER — Before the western gate to Glacier National Park comes in view, a line of people with clipboards awaits arriving motorists.

They wave over each vehicle hoping to enter the 111-year-old park, checking to see if — for the first time in its history — that driver has won the lottery to get in that day.

Those who lack, or didn’t know about, the new entry reservation tickets get directed to the “car corral” behind Glacier Park headquarters for further advice and consultation. Many have to turn around and find somewhere else to enjoy the summer day.

Anyone who has got that far without the ticket has missed several chances to avoid the mistake. A huge reader board at the edge of Columbia Falls warns of

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