Can You Smell That? Interesting Odors In Billings, Montana

Every community has its share of strange smells that float through the air. I have noticed a couple in Billings that stand out. They are distinct and depending on your own senses, you either like them or you don’t.

Sugar Beet Processing-Western Sugar Co-Op Billings, MT

Sean Gallup / Staff
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The first aroma happens every year about this time. The smell of Sugarbeets being processed at the Western Sugar Plant. I personally like the smell, but many find it horrible. Sugar beet farmers would call it the “smell of money”. I call it the start of a Snickers Bar.  Curious what your sugar looks like before it hits your table?

Oil Refineries in Billings, MT and Laurel, MT

Credit: Mike Sutton

We have 3 Oil Refineries located in Billings and Laurel.  On an especially cool day, I can always smell Diesel Fuel in the air.  Once again, the smell reminds me of home, but to others, it cries out pollution.  When you consider the fact that natural resources and their production are vital to Montana, the smell is forgivable.

Feed Lots on The West End of Billings

John Moore / Staff
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When driving around Billings, you may ask yourself, “What smells like sh**”.  The answer is exactly

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