Campers along Stillwater River rafted to safety after flooding stranded them Monday


Dozens of people and several pets have been rescued from the Woodbine Campground after severe flooding along the Stillwater River closed five bridges, leaving campers stranded.

Justin Sheely, along withhis wife and 5-year-old daughter were just finishing up breakfast when the camp host approached their tent site. Though it had been raining when the family arrived the afternoon before and all through the night, Sheely was surprised to hear they were being evacuated.

“We were learning about the flooding (around the state) as we were leaving…it was surreal,” he said.

Campers are rafted down the Stillwater River by rescuers to escape high water that left them stranded at Woodbine Campground Monday.

Courtesy Justin Sheely

Extensive flooding around Absarokee, Nye and Fishtail left several roads under water and impassable early Monday morning. As a result, all campers were instructed to pack their essentials and leave the rest behind, locked in their vehicles at the campground.

For Sheely, that meant a cooler full of food was left to spoil in his car, and, unfortunately some other valuables were left

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