Calling On Senate to Honor Those That Served In The GWOT


Posted: Oct 11, 2021 12:01 AM

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Walking down the pathway, passing by the 58,318 names engraved into the black granite wall of the Vietnam Veteran Memorial, made me think of the actual people that fought our wars.  The men and women lost in Vietnam came from almost every town in America, from New Jersey to Minnesota to Texas to California, and beyond.  Each has a name.  A name that is forever ensconced onto the Memorial.  Imagine the millions that entered that pathway passing by those names, for an instant, or for hours, reading the names and keeping the memory of those lost alive. 

Moving down the pathways of the National Mall to the Korean War Veterans Memorial, you come across nineteen stainless steel figures.  The figures seemingly move through the harsh Korean terrain emerging from National Mall’s wood line. As you cast your gaze past the figures, you see actual photographs etched into the Memorial’s wall, showing the faces of those that served our Nation decades ago.  The

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