California Gov hopeful Faulconer sues over ballot designation, accuses state Dem party of hiding information

First on Fox: Republican California gubernatorial candidate Kevin Faulconer’s team Tuesday accused state Democrats of attempting to “hide important ballot information” after California Secretary of State Shirley Weber blocked use of his preferred ballot designation in the upcoming recall election.

Faulconer sued Weber this week, alleging her office “unlawfully rejected” his request to be referred to as “retired San Diego mayor” in California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall election on Sept. 14. Faulconer’s legal team asked a superior court judge to overturn Weber’s decision before her office sends a list of certified candidates to county elections officials on Wednesday.

“Clearly Gavin Newsom and his allies are sweating bullets about our campaign,” Faulconer campaign communications director John Burke said in a statement. “The California Democrat Party knows Mayor Faulconer is the biggest threat to ending one-party rule in Sacramento. Change is coming to California, and these partisan attempts to hide important ballot information from voters won’t save Newsom from being recalled.” 

Faulconer served as mayor of San Diego from 2014 until 2020. His lawsuit argues that “retired San Diego mayor” is the “most accurate description of Mr. Faulconer’s most recent occupation” and notes that state elections code only prohibits use of the word “former.”


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