Butte Police: Group collecting cash for child’s funeral were running a scam

Butte Police on Thursday stopped a group of people who were soliciting donations for the funeral of a child they were claiming recently died of cancer.

Police say a group was using the above sign to scam people for money in Butte.

Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement

They were standing at the intersection of Harrison and Amherst avenues Thursday afternoon waving signs with a photo of the child and had collected just over $400, but police say it was a scam.

“After speaking to the group, Butte Police confirmed that the persons had no permit for such activity and there was no child who had died of cancer,” Sheriff Ed Lester said in a news release.

“The money that had been donated to this scam by citizens (just over $400) was confiscated by police and will be given to a local charity or cause via proper channels,” Lester said. “The four people involved in the incident left Butte.”

Lester included a picture of the sign the group was waving and said the information was meant for all Montana media “in the event this group

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