Butte denizen bets the field at Kentucky Derby and comes out ahead!


Betting on every horse in a race is usually a losing strategy since it usually takes a big longshot to win and usually they don’t.

Alicia Kachmarik of Butte knew that much even though she’s not a “big bettor,” but here’s how she looked at things after spending all day at iconic Churchill Downs this past Saturday with America’s most celebrated horse race — the Kentucky Derby — up next.

“I really didn’t go in knowing a lot about horses and really didn’t win anything else for the day in my tiny bets, so I bet a couple of bucks on every horse in the Derby,” said Alicia, who traveled to Louisville, Kentucky for the race with her husband, Dan.

“I knew that if one of the better-odds horses won, it wouldn’t (pay) anything, but either way, I could walk away and say I won something at the Derby,” she said.

She actually put $5 on each pony and on this day, she did come out ahead. That’s what happens when a long, long, longshot crosses the finish first.

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