'Buckle Up' and watch original drama in parked cars around Missoula

Cory Walsh

Drama is unfolding all over downtown Missoula.

Connections tentatively sought, bonds hesitantly maintained, trust damaged, regrets mourned.

All in cars parked outside a bar, local businesses, a bank parking lot, even a dilapidated garage.


The Montana Repertory Theatre is presenting “Buckle Up 2: On the Road Again,” which runs Sept 16-18, 22-25. There are two performances each night at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., starting at Montgomery Distillery. Tickets are available through the “pick what you pay” program. Go to montanarep.com; seats are limited.

You’re not a part of it, directly. You sit in the back seat, and the actors in the front dive into an original contemporary play for 10 live minutes.

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The Montana Repertory Theatre is producing its latest “Plays on Tap” series. This one, “Buckle Up 2: On the Road Again,” is a sequel to its 2018 production set in parked cars.

As with the first version, audiences will see arguments, playful jokes and other human moments in unlikely places, like a pickup outside of a bank where someone is selling firewood out of the bed of a pickup, or a car near

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