Buck Sexton: Dems' objection to planned ICE raids a step toward 'mass nullification of immigration law'

Democrats are inching closer to effectively opposing any law governing immigration, according to radio host and former CIA analyst Buck Sexton.

Politicians who made critical statements ahead of planned ICE raids this weekend believe some people can ignore certain laws if the statute does not follow Democratic orthodoxy, Sexton claimed Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


“There’s a momentum toward insanity at this point,” he said, adding: “It’s quite clear that they’re engaged in mass nullification of immigration law.”

Sexton was reacting to statements by several Democratic politicians, in a montage played by host Tucker Carlson.

In the video, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., called the raids “a crime against humanity.”

Responding, Carlson said he believed Harris was saying that enforcing court-ordered deportations is somehow a crime.

In another example, Hillary Clinton tweeted a cautionary flyer in Spanish with the caption “Por favor comparte” or “please share.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., released a video in which he advised people who receive visits from law enforcement to respond, “No abras la puerta.” (“Do not open the door.”)

“Without a warrant, you do not have to open the door,” Newsom said.

In response, Sexton claimed

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