BRYEN: Trump Gave Biden A Recipe For Success On American Energy. Why Won’t He Use It?

In life, the same people can be friends, then enemies, then friends again. The same is true of countries. In the case of energy policy, that argues for American self-sufficiency as much as possible to minimize the bad times.

Former President Donald Trump took care of that. The choices of the Biden administration, however, have led to increased reliance on countries with which our relations are changeable at best.

In December 2016, historic adversaries Russia and Saudi Arabia/OPEC made a deal to balance output and stabilize price at an agreed-upon level — then at about $60/bbl. As expected, everybody cheated a little bit, but by the end of 2017, stability emerged. Saudi King Salmon paid his first ever state visit to Russia, where Russian President Vladimir Putin talked about major investments in the kingdom. (RELATED: BASTASCH: Here’s How Woke Wall Street Is Gouging Americans At The Pump)

However, with the advent of the pandemic, Saudi Arabia called an emergency meeting of OPEC and Russia, planning to cut production to keep the price stable as world economies faltered. But Russia, with a very large budgetary reserve, decided to keep pumping and let prices fall, hoping to topple the relatively new American fracking industry.

At the

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