BRYEN: Bravo, Nancy!

There have been a lot — really a lot — of decisions made by the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that upset, irritated, confused and appalled a lot — really a lot — of people. But going to Taiwan in the face of Chinese communist opposition and opposition from President Joe Biden took courage and it has to be applauded.

So, here goes. Bravo, Nancy! (RELATED: BRYEN: Trump Gave Biden A Recipe For Success On American Energy. Why Won’t He Use It?)

Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping’s opposition was loud, threatening and totally expected. He insists that the territory of Taiwan belongs to China – he’s less clear on whether the Taiwanese people do – and that foreign governments have to treat Taiwan the way he wants them to. Because he says so.

A lot of countries, actually, do as China demands. Although Taiwan meets all eight of the commonly agreed upon essential qualifications for statehood, it was ousted from the UN and all of its agencies in 1972, and as of 2022, only 13 countries and Vatican City/Holy See recognize Taiwan as a sovereign country. Most are small island countries.

Another 59, including the U.S. and the European Union, maintain

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