Brothers grow cattle operation to 6,500-head capacity in rural Luverne, MN

“We used Dad’s equipment and provided labor to him,” Grant Binford said, “but we were never part of his operation.”

When the Binford parents, Lowell and Mary Beth, retired in the 1990s, Grant and Eric took over the home farm and expanded both the cattle and hog operations. They remained in hogs until seven years ago, and now focus on corn production and cattle: Holstein and western (native) breeds.

“Eric takes care of crop production and the book work, and my role is running the feedlot and managing the labor,” Grant Binford said.

Their cattle feedlot includes several monoslope bedding barns, the first of which was built in 2000, just before they began feeding out Holstein calves.

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“That’s where a lot of our growth was at,” Binford said. “We purchased 350- to 500-pound Holsteins and raised them to finish weight.”

As the brothers continued to map out a plan for growth, they had to decide between more barns or a lagoon once they reached 1,000 animal units. They opted for barns and, in the span of a decade,

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