Brooks Koepka Says He Was Annoyed By Bryson DeChambeau’s Loudness In Leaked Video

Brooks Koepka has revealed the backstory to a leaked clip of him and Bryson DeChambeau, and it’s pretty vanilla.

Koepka and DeChambeau have been openly feuding for a long time, and things seemed to reach a boiling point when the former couldn’t hide his disdain in the leaked video. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

— Compress The Ball (@golfthatball) May 26, 2021

Well, it turns out DeChambeau didn’t really say anything specific to drive Koepka crazy. According to Dylan Dethier, it was his general loudness near the media that upset the star golfer.

You can read his full comments in the tweet below.

Here’s what Brooks Koepka had to say about the leaked Bryson video.

-not upset the video got out
-doesn’t live with regrets
-said Bryson was “very, very loud”

— Dylan Dethier (@dylan_dethier) June 9, 2021

That’s a way more vanilla explanation than I expected. I figured the explanation would be that DeChambeau said some fighting words or something.

Given Koepka’s reaction, I figured it had to be bad. Turns out, that’s not true at all! Just being loud is about as vanilla as it gets.

— Brooks Koepka

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