BROOKER: Big Government Spending Requires Extra Protection For Taxpayers

Fighting government waste and fraud, protecting taxpayer money and empowering whistleblowers to expose wrongdoing are ideas we can, and should, all get behind.

Congress has allocated nearly $6 trillion in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, some have used this public health emergency to take from the taxpayer’s coffers for their own benefit, from purchasing a Lamborghini to defrauding New York City of personal protective equipment during the height of the pandemic. Tracking each cent of these funds is nothing short of a gargantuan task, and our government must have the capabilities needed at the ready to stop fraud in its tracks as it happens, ensure government resources are going to those who actually need it and protect taxpayers from being fleeced.

Later this month, the Senate Judiciary Committee will likely consider the False Claims Amendments Act of 2021, authored by Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, which would hold fraudsters accountable and not let them get away with their crimes through existing legal loopholes. These types of laws, which award whistleblowers for exposing fraud, have been incredibly effective in ensuring more accountable government spending. They must be regularly improved and updated to continue to ensure they remain just as effective, especially in an era of

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