Broadwater rifleman arrested by feds, charged with illegal possession

A Billings man, whose months of allegedly brandishing a rifle across the street from an elementary school prompted calls from concerned parents, is now in custody. 

Local and federal authorities have detained a man accused of brandishing a firearm in the 400 block of Broadwater Avenue near Broadwater School.

AMY LYNN NELSON, Billings Gazette

Gabriel Cowan Metcalf, 49, has been charged with illegally possessing a firearm in a school zone.  Local and federal authorities arrested Metcalf on Tuesday night, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office is alleging he violated federal law by displaying a firearm within 1,000 feet of Broadwater Elementary School.

The man’s arrest comes just a day after the Billings Police Department issued a statement specifying there was no state law restricting guns within a school zone, particularly on private property. 

A black tarp remains on the playground fence at Broadwater School on Wednesday.

AMY LYNN NELSON, Billings Gazette

Parents of children attending Broadwater Elementary School had been calling police

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