Brittni Davies, St. Peter’s Health

Megan Michelotti

For Brittni Davies, it’s like father, like daughter when it comes to saving lives.

Davies’ dad was an EMT and firefighter for a fire department in San Diego when she was growing up. Davies started volunteering at the same fire department when she turned 18. She currently works at St. Peter’s Health as a paramedic and an endorsed critical care paramedic.

She said working at St. Peter’s Health is like working with family.

“It’s just really rewarding going to work knowing that you’re going to be working with your good friends and you’re going to do what you can to try and serve the community for the better medical-wise,” said Davies.

Even on slow days, Davies and her fellow paramedics keep busy.

“On busy days, I could get on and immediately start running 911 calls, and I’ve had many days where I have run back to back to back 911 calls, and I haven’t even eaten or anything like that,” said Davies. “… I’ve had days that are a little bit slower, so then we go into the ER and help them with any medical skills or cleaning that needs to happen or anything that the nurses and physicians need

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