British to Be Forced to Drive Electric

LONDON – British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has rejected appeals from the Conservative Party to extend the deadline for requiring all new car sales in the UK to be electric by 2030. The Tories say the goal is impossible to meet. Government ministers, who have embraced the “climate change” faith and are supported by virtually all UK media, which refuse to interview scientists who take a different view, are also sticking by tough interim targets for electric vehicles, reports The London Times.


Charging stations remain a problem, along with battery life. One cabbie said he is afraid to turn on the air conditioner during summer for fear he will run out of electricity before his workday is done. Another told me he has a good deal at a car park that includes a charging station which he uses for an overnight top-off. Few others have such an option. What about lengthy road trips or emergencies when the car battery is depleted?

Speed limits have been reduced to 20 miles per hour in Central London, which creates rush hour-type traffic jams at all hours of the day. Bike lanes and motor scooters further complicate traffic, as do traffic lights

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