Brett Velicovich: Yes, Trump is an existential threat. But not to America, to global elites like Biden

As we approach the first debate for the Democratic nomination for president, Joe Biden is going out of his way to define President Trump as a threat to our very existence.

Thanks to a conveniently “leaked” copy of his new stump speech, headlines about Biden calling Donald Trump an “existential threat to America” abounded hours before Biden even showed up at his Tuesday rally in Iowa City, Iowa.


CNN, committed as ever to the destruction of Donald Trump, rushed to predict that Biden was set to “eviscerate” the president that afternoon.

As with most uses of the word “existential” in contemporary discourse, Biden made a weak attempt to put an intellectual gloss on a distinctly simple-minded assertion. Taken literally — as Biden characteristically insisted his listeners do — the former vice president was saying that he thinks Donald Trump is a threat to the very existence of the United States.

Then again, perhaps this notorious intellectual lightweight was just improperly using the word “existential” as an intensifier, the way he continues to do with the word “literally.”

There are real existential threats to America. I know that as well as

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