Breanna Andrews, St. Peter’s Health


Marketing just wasn’t a good fit for Breanna Andrews.

She found herself becoming bored.

Andrews now works in emergency medical services with St. Peter’s Health and in a short time has found herself being honored for her work.

“It feels really good,” Andrews, 26, said of being nominated for this recognition. “I was not expecting it at all.”

She notes she has been doing her new gig for only a year, and loves that she gets to “work with a lot of amazing medics.”

Those who nominated her for the honor describe her as “a great paramedic and great co-worker.”

“Her patients love her,” they said.

Andrews said there are a lot of different aspects to her job. She gets to work with a lot of great people in a family-type atmosphere. And she likes to help others.

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“You never know what to expect when you come to work,” Andrews said, but adds, “It’ always good when you have a good outcome.”

Andrews, a paramedic who offers advanced life support, had worked a night shift and is now working a noon to midnight shift. It is 12 hours on and 12 off.

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